Royalty Fishery Archive - 2008/09

Please note that records for after October 2008 are currently still active and can be found on the Royalty Fishery News section of the website.

Royalty Game Report 1st October 2008.

I am pleased to report that the Bridge Pool has continued to fish extremely well for sea trout with between 12 - 25 fish being taken every day by rods fishing with both fly and bait. The best sea trout reported since the last update went 5lb 12oz and was returned unharmed. The majority of fish are between a pound and 2lb 8oz with plenty of fresh fish showing. There are still a couple of days available for October so if you fancy a day in the Bridge Pool please call the shop.

Royalty Report 16th September 2008.

Despite a real mixture of weather fronts recently, the Royalty has produced some very nice fishing and some very large barbel for this time of year .

The Trammels is fishing consistently as it has done for most of the season. This was home to the capture of a cracking barbel weighing in at fourteen pounds and three ounces,and being caught  by Steve Morgan from Christchurch who used a combination of meat and pellet and also managed a big bream of eight pounds.

There has been plenty of smaller barbel being caught throughout the fishery and Eddy Widdup capitalised on this sport with five fish to four pounds, he tried a number of different swims with ledgered pellet for his bag.

Jordan ash and his father also managed a couple of small barbel around the Point in the House Pool although Jordan didn't care how big his was as it was his first ever barbel and he was 'well chuffed!' when it took his maggot hook bait. Rob Newstead from Bournemouth was another lucky angler to break the fourteen barrier recently, when he fished a feeder approach to bag one of fourteen pounds exactly in a similar area of the fishery.

The Trammels was also very giving to John Mcgloin and Simon Salisbury when they managed barbel of eleven and a half pounds and twelve pounds nine ounces respectively on helicoptered pellet.

Mike wright from Leamington Spa,Darren Worton from Bournemouth and a nice brace of barbel to almost nine and three quarters ledgering between the pipes, and Pete Cronin, also from Bournemouth managed two barbel as well but unfortunately he had no scales  with him though he did measure the biggest at twenty four and a half inches to the fork of the tail.

The Top Style produced the third and fourth recorded Fourteen pounders of late , when Wayne Jeves from Uxbridge banked a clonking fish of fourteen pounds and five ounces. His successful tactics were ledgered meat. And Paul  Burton from Mansfield hair rigged pellet for a beautiful specimen of fourteen pounds and two ounces from the same area.

Darren worton returned a few days after catching his nice brace to bag a fighting fit twelve and a half pound barbel from just above the railway pool.

Nick Legg from Poole fished by the Railway bridge and caught himself a lovely barbel just a whisker under eleven and three quarters, and also managed an eight and a half pounder from the Road bridge later in the week, Nick ledgered for his fish but his bait is undisclosed. The Road bridge was also the scene of a couple of rather larger barbel recently with Brian nailing one of eleven and three quarters and another angler banking a monster fifteen and a half pounder. (details to follow.) The last swim on the piles produced a super thirteen pound barbel for Hull based Tony Cline, his fish was caught on ledgered pellet and was also his new personal best. just across the river in the Gate swim Mr Lake banked a nice barbel of just under eight pounds in the middle of the afternoon, again ledgering tactics proved the successful method.

Local lads Brian Westwood and Greg walker had a great days' fishing in the Top Weir Compound with a bag of dace, roach and chub and also four barbel to seven and three quarters.

Report kindly produced by Dave Basher

Pictures  to follow.

Royalty Game Report 26th. August 2008

We finally have some good news with regard to the game fishing on the Royalty. Over the weekend four grilse were taken, one from the House Pool and three from Jacks Corner. All were taken on shrimp. In addition plenty of grilse were showing throughout the fishery. Sport in the Bridge Pool has been steadily improving and yesterday the anglers had 32 sea trout, a number of which fell to the fly. They also enjoyed excellent sport with plenty of 'herring' size dace and perch to just under 4lbs.

Royalty Report 11th. August 2008

Despite the awful British summer we are suffering, a good steady stream of fish have been gracing the Royaltys' famous banks over this last couple of weeks. The angler of the moment is local lad Les Dwight who is catching very consistently and has reported seven barbel recently with two of them being doubles at ten pounds and two ounces and eleven pounds and twelve ounces. Les used his favoured rolling meat with a roving approach and has had a fair amount of success around the Lower Style area of the fishery.

This area also gave Michael Bird from reading his "Best ever days fishing!" as he managed two doubles on static luncheon meat, the biggest at eleven pounds and ten ounces was also his new Personal best...

Michael Wright from Leamington spa had another successful session, following the one he had three weeks ago. He trundled sweetcorn around the House Pool for a lovely bag of fish including five chub to three and a half pounds and four barbel to eight pounds. What a great days' sport. This also goes to show that methods other than the standard meat or pellet can also be very successful on the Royalty, and that quite often it pays dividends to ring the changes.

The Railway Pool produced a monster eel of over four pounds to Stuart Andrews from Christchurch, he ledgered pellet for this giant snake and also managed an eight pound barbel to top his day off.This area of the fishery also produced an eight pounder for Steve Howard from wimborne and a cracking barbel of twelve and three quarters for Stuart Andrews from Christchurch. Both these were caught on ledgered pellet.

Steven Pickard and his daughter Keira from reading fished the Trammels area and managed a barbel of nine pounds and a nice perch on meat and maggot respectively.The Trammels has also been producing a load of bream recently as Nigel Smith and Glen lindley from Minehead were to discover when they fished a couple of days recently.Between them they bagged twenty one bream to six and a half pounds and seven barbel to a top weight of just a smidgen over ten pounds.

There was a nice chub of just under five pounds caught at last light on Fiddlers by Gareth Boycott from Salisbury. A certain Mr Baker managed four nice barbel on his visit to the fishery, and Darrell Pike managed a fighting fit seven pounder from the Boathouse. Yorkshire lad Greg Remond was a little surprised when rolling meat down towards the Road bridge as a beautiful fresh run sea trout of just under six pounds snaffled his bait. This area has also finally seen the start of the carp action, with local lad Kevin Rockhill bagging the little koi at fifteen and a half pounds as well as a couple of bream and a superb barbel of ten pounds. Ken Clayton from Bournemouth also fished this area and, using pellet managed two carp to thirteen pounds and a super barbel of eleven and a half pounds.

Young Shaun Miller from Christchurch has continued his run of success on rolling meat and nailed a new personal best of nine and a quarter pounds from Foxes. Whilst Davis tackle tea boy elect 'Charlie Charlie Two' had a great days sport on the Piles. Fishing ledgered maggot, he caught a pound plus roach, two bream to six pounds and two lovely perch of two pounds five ounces and three pounds and an ounce. (Kettle on boy!) Finally, Dan Birchall from Bournemouth had a great day fishing pellet in Nelsons where he landed a brace of beautiful barbel weighing ten pounds five ounces and ten pounds and thirteen ounces.

The sea trout fishing has improved significantly over the past couple of weeks and the Fishery is averaging seven fish a day at present.

This weeks report was kindly written by Dave Basher


Glenn Lindley with a chunky 9lb 1oz barbel                                            Glenn Lindley with an 8lb 14oz barbel


Glenn again, this time with an 11lb 2oz barbel                                      Another double for Glenn, 11lb 1oz from Muggs Hole


Charlie with a 3lb 1oz perch from the Piles                                            Greg Redmond's 5lb14oz sea trout that took luncheon meat


Michael Bird with a ten pound barbel from Trammels                        Michael with his second double of the day weighing 11lb 10oz


Kiera from Reading, great perch and a great T shirt!                           Not to be outdone Steve landed this barbel from Trammels


Richard Booty with a lovely looking 11lb 4oz barbel                            Richard with an 11lb 10oz cracker landed at last knockings


RDAA member Charlie with a 7lb 13oz barbel                                    Dan with a beautiful well proportioned 10lb 13oz barbel

Royalty Report 31st. July 2008

At last the dark clouds have lifted, the sun has appeared and the Royalty has reached its peak summer condition. The weed is in abundance and the slight tinge to the water has dispersed leaving it crystal clear and perfect to spot the wily Avon barbel.

This past week the silver fish have been caught in abundance throughout the fishery mostly to anglers fishing a maggot approach either trotted or fished with a swim feeder. Ringwood and district member Tony Riley capitalised on this excellent sport and fished a number of swims between the Railway pool and the white style bagging up on dace, chub to a pound and a half, the odd bootlace eel, plenty of roach and even a few baby barbel. Trotted maggot and spicy meat provided Tony with this excellent days fishing.

The Top Weir Compound is providing anglers with some great multiple catches of barbel. Darren smith from New Milton took his father for a day in the compound and watched as he nailed three barbel capped off with a beautiful specimen of eleven pounds and seven ounces right at the last knockings. A boilie and pellet combination was the order of the day here. Although I am unsure about the method used, I am absolutely sure that nineteen barbel over two days in the Compound to a top weight of ten pounds and six ounces is an outstanding result, and this is exactly what Ade kiddel and a friend achieved last week. As well as the barbel there is a decent number of large perch to be found here and also around the Piles, Little Weir and House Pool.

The Trammels is still producing its fair share of barbel, Richard Booth from London made his trip very worthwhile with a lovely brace of eleven pounders on pellet; and Tony Hammersley managed two barbel of six and seven pounds before heading downstream to the White Stile and bagging a superb specimen of eleven pounds and six ounces.

After losing a big barbel opposite the nursery on green banks, Ian Boniface from Frome was not perturbed but instead he re baited the swim with pellet and hemp using a bait dropper, left the swim a while to settle before recasting with a fourteen mm halibut pellet. He quickly gained compensation in the form of a cracking barbel weighing in just over the eleven pound mark.

Nelsons has produced a few fish this week, Ahmed Salem managed a five pounder and a load of eels and his brother Khalid had three barbel two of which were over the eleven pound mark! The biggest weighed11lb 12oz and boilies over pellet was again the successful combination.

After two years fishing the royalty, Bob Dean had managed just one barbel, and after losing two on a recent trip may have been forgiven for thinking a second would never be forthcoming, But the Royalty smiled upon him that day and he landed a stunning fish of eleven pounds exactly. His friend Tom Lambert was fishing next to him and also banked an eleven pound Barbel as well as two others in the seven pound bracket. All their fish were caught using large halibut pellets in the Stumps and Pipe swims.

For those of you who fancy some serious bagging up sport, take a look in the backwater as it is absolutely stuffed with bream averaging around six pounds and shoals of small roach to the pound mark. The carp are still proving very elusive, though I am sure that now the weed is fully up and the pace has slowed slightly that they will soon start being spotted and with a bit of luck caught as well.


Danny with a nice 2lb perch from the Compound                                   Danny with an 8lb 10oz barbel


Bob Dean with a lovely 11lb barbel                                                        Ian Boniface with an 11lb 2oz barbel from Greenbanks


Shaun Miller with a cracking perch weighing 2lb 9oz                            An even bigger perch weighing 3lbs from the Piles for Shaun.


Yet another cracking perch of 2lb 8oz landed by Shaun  Miller            Khalid Salem with an 8lb 1oz barbel, one of a catch of three.


Khalid with a superb 11lb 9oz barbel from Nelsons                            Khalid and yet another Royalty double, this one going 11lb 12oz.


Mr Smith with an 11lb 7oz barbel - the best of a catch of three          Tom Lambert with a 7lb 6oz barbel


Tom again with a barbel weighing 7lb 10oz                                            The best of the day for Tom went 11lb 8oz

Royalty Report 16th July 2008

After a frantic and arm straining first few weeks of the new season,many of us thought that the action just couldn't keep going with the intensity and regularity that we were rapidly becoming used too ; Yet although the Royalty has found a more mellow and less furious plane she is still however very giving of her most prized possessions, and some very beautiful and also very large barbel have been banked over the past few weeks. A certain  Mr King managed to bank a lovely Barbel which just stopped short of the eleven pound mark, a pellet approach in the fiddlers area proved this ones downfall. Brian West wood also managed a barbel from this area, one of four he banked in a morning to just light of the nine pound mark he adopted a roving approach with rolling meat.

  Paul Kirkpatrick fished with pellet when he recently spent a couple of days  on the fishery and concentrated his efforts around the Trammels and Top Weir Compound. This payed off nicely for him and he managed three barbel topped by a cracking thirteen pounder. The very same approach helped Nick Colletts' drive back to Reading to be a much nicer affair after he bagged a fighting fit seven pounder.

  Simon Kilshan from Portsmouth had a great bag of fish from the Pipes area fishing a mixture of pellet and boilies A small chub and three rather hefty barbel between nine pound and thirteen pounds six ounces. What a day!

  Glen Lindleys' first day on the Royalty seemed difficult to beat as he managed a fantastic mixed bag of fish including roach, chub, perch, dace,and a brace of Royalty torpedo's around the nine pound mark, but he enjoyed himself so much that he returned a few days later to bag his first double and new PB of eleven pound two ounces. Glen used maggot both float-fished and on the feeder around the Boathouse area on both occasions.

  The Trammels area is still very popular with a lot of anglers, and is still producing a few fish. Pellet seems to be the pick of methods in this area with local Tony Hammersley bagging three barbel to just over ten pounds and Gareth Wibberley from Bedford netting a nice seven on the same day.  Should you be lucky to fish this area on a quieter day then rolling meat is also worth a try as Mark Hill from Swindon proved with a lightening fast six pounder. Another angler who has done very well in this area is Giles Corston who managed a portrait worthy eleven pounder and backed it up with two others as well.

  The Railway pool has produced a few fish recently as well. Ian Mansbridge from Southampton battled both a seven pound barbel and an eel of two and a half pounds on pellet and Michael Sentonas managed his Royalty best of twelve pounds and ten ounces.

 Rolling meat seems the preferred method on the Greenbanks as Andrei Szaxalo proved when he had three lovely barbel to a top weight of eleven pounds and seven ounces.

  Three friends, Darrell Pike, A Hows and S Hows shared the Great Weir recently and between them managed a fantastic bag of fish, loads of roach, chublets and three nice barbel to nine pounds were forthcoming along with a number of eels which, to be fair, were somewhat less welcome.

  In general the Royalty has been fishing very well with all species except for the carp which are proving a little elusive at the moment with those few people catching them not letting too much information out to the general public. The usual shady haunts are great for the perch and the rest of the species found throughout the fishery in abundance.

 With some fantastic mixed bags of fish and a number of large barbel ( SEVEN OVER THIRTEEN POUNDS IN TWO DAYS LAST THURSDAY AND FRIDAY ) There is great sport to be had by all.....

[Report kindly written by Dave Basher this week]



















Royalty Report 30th June 2008

The great start to the season on the Royalty continued right through to Thursday when things quietened down somewhat for a couple of days. Barbel continued to be caught throughout the fishery with hots spots giving great sport varying from Nelsons and Trammels, through the Pipes and Fiddlers from both banks. Best baits have been pellet and meat - particularly rolling - with maggots and boilies also picking up a few barbel. Large numbers of barbel in the 2 - 4lb bracket continue to be landed along with a good smattering of double figure barbel to 13lb 8oz. Two anglers reported catches of 10 barbel in a day.

Plenty of roach, dace and chub continue to fall to trotting tactics and the bream are shoaled up on Trammels, Piles and down by the Roadbridge. Pike, which are out of season until October 1st. on the Royalty, have been very active and have been quick to home in on anyone doing well with the silvers. There have now been four two pound roach reported, two from the Parlour, one from the Piles and one from the mouth of the Little Weir. The best chub reported was taken by Keith Manton of Bournemouth from Watersmeet and weighed 6lb 1oz.

The carp have been proving hard to locate but this pretty five pounder which none of us recognise was caught by Richard Agg.


Could this mirror carp be an escapee from a lake during last years floods perhaps? With a scale pattern like that it will be an easy job to check out how this fish grows assuming it stays in the Royalty.

The game fishing has been fairly quiet with bags of sea trout from the Bridge Pool averaging 4 to 6 fish a day. The odd grilse has been spotted both in the main river and the Parlour but to the best of my knowledge no-one has actually cast a line for them.

The following fish were recorded on catch returns which are located in the Anglers Rest Room. Please remember to complete these as they help the Fishery monitor sport on the Royalty and also give me the info to produce these reports.






Brian Westwood



Rolling Meat

Three barbel to 8lbs.

John McGough




Five barbel to 10lb 9oz.

Darrel Hughes




11lb 12oz barbel.

Mike Wright

Leamington Spa



Five barbel to 5lbs.

Barry Garwood



Rolling Meat

Five barbel to 6lb 12oz.

Maureen Guichard

New Milton



Mixed bag ofroach and dace to 12oz

john McGough




9lb 8oz barbel

Richard Agg




Two barbel to 7lb 8oz, mirror carp of approx 5lbs.

Jeff Edisbury + Cat


All over

Pellet & Boilie

Twelve barbel to 11lbs (inc. four small ones)

Keith Manton



Rolled Spam

7lb barbel & 6lb 1oz chub.

Colin Wilson



Not recorded

12lb 6oz barbel

Darrel Hughes


Not recorded

Rolling Meat

Three barbel to 12lb 10oz + bream, chub etc.

Danny Garwood



Rolling Meat

11lb 4oz barbel

Gary Garwood



Rolling Meat

7lb 6oz barbel - new PB


Barry Garwood with an 11lb 6oz barbel taken from Fiddlers              Bradley Evans of Royalty View fame with an 12lb 14oz barbel


Cat Ferris from Bright*n with a hard fighting 6lb 6oz barbel               Cat again with a 7lb 10oz barbel from the Compound


Charlie Crane with a 2lb perch from the Compound                            Charlie with a young fighting fit 4lb barbel from the Great Weir


Charlie's father, Ralph with a 7lb 8oz barbel from Edwards                Ralph with a 9lb 8oz Compound caught barbel


Chris Akehurst with a 10lb barbel from the Pipes                                Kevin Attwood landed this 7lb 6oz barbel from the Stumps


Kevin with a superb 12lb barbel from the Pipes                                    Richard Booty with a 9lb 4oz barbel from Trammels


Richard again with an 8lb barbel taken I believe on rolling meat.        Yet another barbel for Richard from Trammels weighing 9lb 8oz.


Richard Agg with a 7lb 8oz barbel from Greenbanks                            Neil stewart with his first ever barbel - nice one Neil


Colin with a cracking 12lb 6oz barbel from Fiddlers                            Colin Gooden with a truly superb 13lb 8oz barbel


Jeff Edisbury with an 11lb barbel taken at last knockings                    Keith Gooden took this 11lb barbel from the Compound.


Joe Stanley with a cracking eel that's nearly as long as he is!            Joe with a surprise accidental capture of a pike from the Railway


Danny Garwood with another barbel from Fiddlers East                       Ken Breeze with a 12lb 12oz barbel from Trammels


Nicky Garwood with a nice barbel from Trammels                                Nicky with a 7lb 4oz barbel caught in the year 2028 apparently!


Mel Evans of the Royalty View with a 10lb 13oz beauty.                       Mel with another barbel, this one went 11lb 2oz.


My great mate Sparky with a 3lb perch from the Compound            Danny Garwood with an 11lb 4oz barbel from Fiddlers


Paul Brett with a young looking 8lb barbel                                             A new PB of 7lb 6oz for Gary Garwood which took rolling meat.


Shaun Miller with a cracking Royalty mullet.                                            Shaun with a mixed bag of bream and rudd from the Clockhouse.


Simon Pound with a 7lb 12oz barbel from the Compound                Simon with an 8lb 8oz barbel from Jacks Corner


Tom Pound with a beautiful young barbel of 3lb 5oz.                           This youngster went 3lb 12oz and is typical of the up and coming barbel in the Royalty


Royalty Report 23th June 2008

The season finally kicked off again on June 16th with anglers forming the traditional queue outside the shop from half past five in the morning! The Royalty looks in beautiful shape with all the bank work completed and plenty of water flowing through the fishery. The major work to neck down the Parlour Pool has been completed and the work has improved the flow no end. It is also possible now to fish the entire length of the West Bank of the Parlour as access has been improved along the entire length. The work on deepening Hayters has also been completed and the depth has been increased from a few inches to between four and six feet along the entire length. Several barbel to double figures were taken from this stretch by salmon anglers during the Closed Season which confirms that fish are using this new stretch of water.

Unlike the start of last season, the barbel fishing has been excellent with plenty of barbel coming from all over the fishery from the Great Weir right down to Johnsons at the bottom of the fishery. In addition to the large head of double figure fish there have been lots of smaller barbel in the 3-6lbs caught from all over the fishery. Fiddlers West, Trammels and Nelsons have all produced bags of up to half a dozen barbel a session, most falling to ledgered pellet. The bream, perch and dace have also proved willing to feed and bags of up to 50lbs of silver fish have been reported with the Parlour and Boathouse responding well to trotted maggots. The Piles has thrown up catches of good size bream to just shy of 8lbs along with plenty of perch to just under 3lbs. There have also been plenty of reports of people seeing  perch in this area that dwarf these fish!

The best barbel reported so far weighed 14lbs and was part of a three fish catch taken by Dennis Nye from Trammels on opening day. His other two barbel weighed 10lb 12oz and 11lb 12oz and all his fish were taken on pellet. Other notable barbel catches have included a brace of doubles weighing 12lb 14oz and 10lbs taken by Dennis Allbury from Nelsons on pellet, 13 barbel to 11lb 13oz taken over three sessions by John McGough of Ringwood, another brace of doubles taken by Mel Evans of the Royalty View guest house weighing 11lb 2oz and 10lb 13oz from Fiddlers, barbel to 12lb 15oz taken by Mel's son Bradley from the House Pool and Fiddlers, barbel of 10lbs and 12lbs from above the Road Bridge (anglers name not recorded), a catch of four barbel, best 10lb 2oz by Barry Garwood from the Gate Swim, five barbel to 7lb 9oz taken over two evening sessions by Shaun Miller from around the fishery on rolling meat, three barbel to 11lb 7oz from the Chair and Johnsons by Keith Manton on rolled Spam, three barbel to 11lb 2oz taken by Darrel Hughes from an unrecorded swim, a 9lb 14oz barbel from the Road Bridge on static pellet taken by Kevin Rockhill of Christchurch, an 8lb 2oz barbel caught by Ron McCann of Glastonbury from the Road Bridge, a 12lb 8oz barbel landed by Gary Horton from Watersmeet on a 21mm halibut pellet wrapped in halibut pellet paste, a brace of eight pounders caught from Trammels by Richard Booty.

Steve New of Christchurch caught his first Royalty Barbel weighing 7lb 8 ozs on a 10mm  Halibut Pellet in conjunction  with hemp and pellet feeder whilst Mark Whitehead of  London  SE25  landed his first Royalty Double weighing 10lb 9oz on a Halibut Pellet.

Colin Morris took a cracking bag of 13 bream weighing 5lb - 7lb 12oz using a crumb feeder worm & maggot approach on the Piles. Jez Brown had a great days sport in the Parlour landing three barbel 50lb+ of silvers comprising chub to 2lb+ and roach to 1lb+. He also landed a 12lb accidental pike after it attacked a small roach along with 5 perch to 2lb11oz. All his fish fell to maggot. Ian Boniface landed a 7lb bream taken on a halibut pellet from the Railway.

Rob Dawburn had a great days mixed sport on Trammels landing perch to 2lb 4oz, bream to 4lbs, chub to 4lbs and barbel to 7lb 8oz.

Dave Howes from Waterlooville had an 8lb barbel from Nelsons and also netted a fish for another angler weighing between 13-14lbs but unfortunately we have no further details of the captor.

The game fishing has been something of a mixed bag with the salmon run appearing to peter out three or four weeks ago. The sea trout however are around in reasonable numbers already which is a significant improvement on the last couple of years. Anglers fishing the Bridge Pool have been reporting up to a dozen fresh run fish per day along with the odd resident brown trout. Two 6lb sea trout were landed last week, one from the Main River and the other from the Bridge Pool. Unfortunately there has been an escape of rainbow trout from further up the valley and there are loads of these suicidal alian invaders currently being caught.


Dennis Nye with a superb opening day 14lb Trammels barbel            Mark Whitehead landed this 10lb 9oz barbel from the Compound


Steve New with his first Royalty barbel weighing 7lb 8oz                    Ian Boniface with a 7lb bream from the Railway


        Danny Garwood with his new PB barbel weighing 11lbs                            Gary Horton with a lovely 12lb 8oz barbel


Shaun Miller with a superb conditioned 6lb barbel                                Shaun again with a 7lb 9oz barbel taken on rolling meat


Barry Garwood with a 10lb 2oz Fiddlers caught barbel                        Tom Baseley with a 10lb 8oz barbel from the White Stile


Sean Miller with a brace of the small barbel that are coming out from all over the Royalty. The future is looking good!


Joe Stanley with a 1lb chub


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