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Royalty Fishery Report - August 2011

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Review of the Royalty Fishery - August 2011

Guest Author - Dave Basher

Bob Taylor booked himself a day in the notorious Parlour pool but struggled for most of the day, however just when thinking it wasn’t going to happen for him his rod pulled over and shortly after he was rewarded with a lovely barbel of 11lb.

Bob Talyor with a smshing 11lb-plus barbel from the Parlour

Jedd Hughes had a terrific days sport with Barbel of 9lb 8oz, 10lb 4oz and a stunning specimen just an ounce over 13lb.. What a day...

Jedd-HUghes-9lb-8oz Jedd-Hughes-10-4

Jedd Hughes with a 13lb 1oz PB

Truro based Richard Tonkin made the lengthy journey to the royalty from Cornwall and chose to fish the lower style area, he started off with a nice bream but the real reward came in the shape of his first ever barbel and what a fish as well weighing in at 13lb8oz.

Paul Birkhamshaw from Kent had a great day out with 3 Barbel to 12lb 10oz; all were caught from the cattle drink using pva bags of pellet with a pellet hook bait.

The pipes area of the fishery was as popular as ever and two anglers that capitalised on the shoal of barbel that were resident there for most of the summer were Swansea based rod Chris Adams who had two barbel to 10lb 60z and Mr. Lush who had a brace of doubles weighing in at 10lb 11oz and 12lb 15oz, the later being a personal best. Pellet and meat were the successful baits for these two anglers

Mr Bootell from Wincanton fished hard all day with sweetcorn over hemp in Fiddlers for just one bite but what a reward he had with a stunning barbel of 12lb 12oz.

Hertfordshire based angler Mr Habbitt had a great days sport on the lower trammels catching 9 bream between 3lb 8oz and 7lb 12oz and 3 barbel to 9lb 6oz he used a more traditional maggot feeder approach with worm or maggot hook bait .

Phillip Cudley had a new PB barbel with a lovely 13lb 10oz specimen.

Philip Cudley with his new pb barbel weiging 13lb 10oz

The most unusual catch of August was also caught on the trammels with first time Royalty angler Will Fung from Essex catching a bream of 4lb 8oz and a 3lb Tench, Will used a cage feeder and hair rigged pellet approach for his fish.

There was also some terrific sport to be had with the Royalty’s Perch through August as Glouster based Mr Simmers was to discover. He used small live baits and roamed the fishery to bag 6 Perch up to 2lb 8oz what a lovely days fishing .

Ken Thompson with a lovely young barbel

Dave Basher.



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