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Royalty Fishery Report - September 2011

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Review of the Royalty Fishery - September 2011

Guest Author - Dave Basher

Ah September the month that has every Barbel angler the country wide bursting with anticipation, for here cometh the month when seemingly all specimen Barbel are just desperate for a visit to the bank, gracing nets a plenty and creating joy for many...

So did September live up to expectations? Of course it did.

Firstly though the perch fishing continued in earnest with the few anglers who targeted them being rewarded with some great sport.

Mr Tolly from Woking in surrey booked himself a day in the top weir compound and had a lovely day catching 4 perch around the pound and a half mark and a bonus barbel of 6lb.

Royalty regular Josh Searl fished the piles with small live bait and had Perch of 1lb15oz, 2lb 8oz and 2lb 12oz.

The biggest reported Perch in September went to Martin Bell from Liphook; Martin fished with maggots in the House pool and bagged a stunning Perch of 2lb 14oz.

Local angler Ken Thompson had a fair few barbel through September with the biggest he reported being a lovely 10lb 10oz which he caught from the stumps.

Ken Thompson with a cracking barbel from the Pipes

Lord Jez Brown made one of his regular trips to the Royalty and bagged a 10lb 4oz beauty while Gareth Boycott and Rob Thomas both had barbel in the 7 to 8lb region.

Jez Brown with a last knockings caught 10lb 4oz barbel

There was a load of 10lb barbel caught through the month, Julian Chidgey had a 10lb 2oz, Andy Shanks had a 10lb 15oz fish while old fishing buddies of Davis Tackle owner Nigel, James Weighall and Steve Moore, landed four doubles between them in a catch that included barbel of 10lb, 10lb 2oz, 10lb 6oz and 11lb 12oz in a day.

Steve Moore with a 10lb 6oz barbel Steve with the best fish of the day at 11lb12oz
James Weighall and a barbel weighing exactly 10lbs James Weighall with his second double of the day at 10lb 2oz

Andy Shanks and his 10lb 15oz barbel

Mick Mathews persevered with the lower water towards the bypass bridge and was rewarded with a superb Barbel of 13lb 8oz though an even bigger specimen of 14lb exactly was caught by Darren Cartwight on his favoured pellet approach.Mick Matthews with a lovely 13lb 8oz barbel

Darren Cartwright with a lovely 14lb barbel

There was a pristine 11lber caught by Nick Moxey, and Royalty regular Ron Brooke nailed a superb fish of 11lb 10oz and 2 chub in a few hours rolling meat by the road bridge.

A great shot of Nick Moxey with an 11lb barbel

Regular angler Richard Booty who rivals Davis Tackle's own Nigel Gray for the tallest Royalty angler in history had to endure a hard days graft for his mother in law before being allowed to go out fishing, but he was rewarded handsomely with a picture perfect 11lber which he caught on rolled meat the bottom end of Trammels.

Essex based angler Mr Hutchinson made the long round trip to the Royalty and managed a nice Barbel of 9lb 10oz from waters meet, after returning the hard fighting specimen He vowed to return and catch an even bigger one... Thatís the sort of dedication to the cause that we like.

Ian and Janis Mansbridge from Southampton shared a bumper bag of Barbel when they fished the compound using pva bags of pellet. Between them they landed 6 Barbel with both of them having an 11lber, although Janis actually caught 5 of them and her husband has vowed never to let her fish with him again on the royalty for fear of another day of being shown up by the fairer sex...

Dave Basher



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