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Royalty Fishery Report - November 2011

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Royalty Fishery Report - November 2011

Guest Author Dave Basher


The month of November brought with it a barrage of large specimens and new royalty records... one of which was particularly interesting.

Trevor Ridley had a great month rolling meat all over the fishery and his efforts were rewarded with a superb new pb Barbel of 15lb from just below the pipes, Trevor also had plenty of Barbel in the single figure bracket.

Mr Boureham from Verwood had a great day fishing on the point and bagged two lovely barbell at 8lb 12oz and a cracking 14lb 6oz specimen on a static boilie approach, it was only his second visit to the fishery so what a result. Darrell Booth slogged it out for the entire day rolling meat and just when he thought he was going home empty handed his bait was snaffled in the stumps and his reward smashed his pb weighing in at 15lb 8oz, last cast of the day !!

Winchester rod Paul Steppard ventured to the Royalty for a slice of the rolling meat action, he concentrated on trammels and the waters meet area and bagged himself two doubles at 10lb 4oz and 11lb 12oz as well as a little one, well worth the journey. Steve May from chandlers ford hadnít fished the Royalty in quite a few years but decided to have a day meat fishing and was well rewarded with two Barbel one of 9lb and a stunning 12lber, again the waters meet area was the scene of his success.

There were plenty of smaller barbell caught throughout the month with Mr Penisson, Mr Fortman, and lee Evans all catching on a mixture of maggot feeder and meat approaches. Dr Shooner from Nantwich made the long journey down to have a dayís sport on the Royalty and was rewarded with a fighting fit Barbel of just over 10lb.

Royalty regular Rupert Morrall had a stunning time fishing rolled meat and not only landed a cracking Barbel of just under 13lb but also had a new pb Barbel of 15lb15oz what a superb fish and an extremely honest angler, I bet he was willing that fish over the 16lb mark.

A certain unnamed angler fishing the Top Weir Compound with a maggot feeder approach and bagged two lovely doubles of 10lb 8oz and 11lb exactly.

Throop fishery keeper Chris Allport had a dayís sport on the royalty for a change of scenery and bagged himself a couple of Bream and 3 Barbel to a top weight of 13lb 3oz as well as multiple cups of coffee from the boat house.

The strangest catch of the month went to Royalty regular Eddie Widdup who whilst dead baiting for pike just above the Roadbridge picked up what is possibly a new Royalty record Bass at 11lb 14oz, he was actually over the moon to catch such a specimen.

Andy Smith had a stunning 15lber from the point, Andy legered meat for his new pb and he was well chuffed .

The biggest Barbel of the month fell to a static approach in the pipes swim to local Royalty regular Ron Brooke and weighing in at 16lb 8oz also equalled the Royalty record. Couldnít have happened to a nicer bloke, well done Ron, taking advantage of fishing an area of the Pipes which most anglers ignore completely.

The pike fishing through November was excellent and a number of anglers capitalised on some superb sport.There was a lovely pike of 22lb from the Railway pool caught by an unnamed angler on a plug; this anglerís father bagged a cracking sea trout of 7lb as well.

John Chestney had a 19lber on a live bait from the house pool, Shaun (I canít catch a twenty) Miller had yet another double at 15lb from the mouth of the little weir, and Mr Jeerson also using live bait caught a fighting fit 17lber from the piles.

The piles was also the scene of success for Birmingham based angler Mr Tub who dead baited to catch a stunning 19lber.

Romsey rod Allan Smith took a roving approach to catch 3 pike to a top weight of 21lb 12oz he also used dead baits for his superb catch and his first ever 20lber.

Pictures to follow.


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