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Royalty Fishery Report - March 2012

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Royalty Fishery Report - March 2012

Guest Author Dave Basher



The last two weeks of the season were as always a busy and yet still very productive time on the Royalty, a good number of Barbel were caught as the weather warmed up just enough to turn them on to the feed. There was also plenty of small Chub, Jack Pike, a 10lb kelt from below the pipes and even a 1lb Flounder which was caught from the Piles by Jim Northover.


Gary Porter had a great run in to the end of the season fishing rolled meat, Gary had numerous Barbel and a fair few doubles as well, culminating in him catching two new pbs in two days to a new best of 14lb 9oz.


Jeff Edisbury fished the majority of the last weeks of the season and caught a fair few himself (although nowhere near as many as Gary) Jeff did manage to ‘poach’ a 12lber out of my swim just after dusk though and backed it up with others of 12lb 8oz and 10lb 8oz over the next few days.


Brian Westwood had a lovely brace from the Car park area on rolled meat weighing in at 12lb 4oz and 13lb 8oz.


Dennis Nye and John Chesney fished the last week of the season on maggot feeder and caught a load of Barbel to the 14lb mark. And Trefor West got in on the action as well with a nice 11lber.


Trevor Ridley continued his consistent form and was well rewarded with a stunning 14lb 6oz Barbel, again caught on his favoured rolling meat.


A certain man named Kieran persisted all day fishing with a maggot feeder in the Pipes swim but was eventually rewarded most handsomely with a cracking end of season fighting fit Barbel of 13lb 10 oz.


The Best bag of March however was a certain Steve lane who trotted maggot down to the pipes for a 12 Barbel haul of which 4 were over 9lb and the biggest went 11lb 4oz.


Oh and I blanked ......Happy new season.



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