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Royalty Archive - June - Oct 2011 (To be completed)

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Well after all the anticipation building up over the past three months, the rivers were finally reopened to us coarse anglers on Thursday. It was typical after months of dry weather we finally got the rain the rivers so desperately needed, the only issue was it coincided with the start of the new season. Typical!

Having said that, the traditional opening day queue for tickets started around 4am and had built to around fourty anglers before we finally opened the doors at 7:30 sharp. Considering the weather you all deserved a medal for dedication to river angling. It took around twenty minutes to issue everyone with tickets, tackle and bait for the Royalty, Throop and even the Lower Stour but eventually everyone was on their way and we could relax for a while before the late risers reached the shop!

To be fair the weather did improve somewhat and there were spells when it didn't actually rain but the wind continued to prove awkward when trying to present a bait effectively. Despite all this the fish did feed and a number of barbel were reported from around the fishery but virtually all of them were in the 7-9lb bracket with only a single double reported so far. That was an 11lb 11oz specimen landed by local angler Shaun Miller who used Pallatrax Squabs in Elixer 6 flavour to tempt the fish.

Shaun Miller with the first reported double from the Royalty this season weighing 11lb 11oz

Mr Drinkwater fished the Compound and had a mixed bag which included three barbel to 9lb 7oz, bream to 5lb plus and chub to two pounds. All fish falling to 8mm fruit flavoured boilies. Josh Dare had an enjoyable days sport on the feeder catching several good bream and roach to 1lb as well as enjoying a brief but powerful encounter with a barbel that took exception to being hooked. Another angler had a big catch of bream averaging around 5-6lbs appiece but unfortunately I have no further details available to me.

Rob Martin from Ferndown fished the old White Stile swim using maggot feeder tactics during the worst of the weather on Friday - and boy was that bad - and was justly rewarded with a new PB chub weighing 7lb 1oz . Rob, whose previous best chub came from the same swim several years ago, said that the chub was in perfect condition.

Many of you will have read the exploits of the infamous Jeff Edisbury from Bright*n over the past few years on here and, knowing he was down for a few days, might be expecting some particularly amusing story about him. Well unfortunately he has kept his head down and there is nothing to report about him other than he blanked on opening day. Unlike his better half Cat who had a barbel on the bank before Jeff had even stopped talking for the first time since he woke up. At 8lb 3oz it wasn't a monster, but at least Cat landed a barbel, unlike Jeff...

Cat shows Jeff how it should be done with this 8lb 3oz barbel

Well thats about all the reports I have managed to glean so far but if anyone has any further catch reports and pictures I would be most grateful and include them in the next report.


Since last weeks report the weather has calmed down with regards to the wind and rain and anglers have been able to once again focus on their fishing rather than keeping dry and comfortable. The river has survived the first week’s onslaught and is settling down nicely. Clearly the barbel were still interested in spawning and a number of anglers were treated to watching some real beauties working the gravel especially down from Harrigans where the barbel have been very active. Having said that Mr Gould made a trip down from Gloucester and fished just below this area in the Railway and picked up an 8lb 15oz barbel on pellet. Whilst plenty of barbel were being landed from certain areas of the fishery, in other areas anglers were struggling even to get a bite. Certainly the smaller barbel were more willing to play ball and several anglers had managed to catch up to five barbel in a session. There were several catches of this size from the Compound although several anglers amassed similar size catches from Nelsons and down through Trammels. A typical example of these catches was landed by Jeff Edisbury of Bright*n who fished pellet over hemp and caster to land barbel of 2lb, 5lb, 6lb and 7lb 15oz.

Jeff AKA Fat Controller dwarfs a beautiful 8lb barbel, making it appear about 2lbs max against such a man mountain. Jeff Edisbury and another classic looking Hampshire Avon barbel Barry is seen here explaining to Jeff that, in fact, most barbel are actually born larger than that!

To be fair to Jeff, and much as it grieves me to have to report this, he did actually manage to fluke a 12lb 8oz from the Pipes on another session which he shared with PJ Martin who also landed a nice double weighing 11lb 8oz.

Jeff-Edisbury-12-8 P-J-Martin-11-8

On the other hand, to be unfair to Jeff, I thought you might enjoy a couple of candid shots of the infamous ‘Jeffers’. In the first one you can see the deadly effect on Jeff as Throop bailiff Brian Willson proves his mastery of the ancient Essex Martial Art of whinging someone to death. Seconds from death, Jeff was luckily pulled to safety by Cat who fortunately suffers from a degree of hearing loss which saved her from suffering a similar fate.

Black Belt Whinger Brian Willson shows off his skills, honed to perfection from over sixty years practice, as Jeff slumps into a stupor.

In the second picture Barry Garwood displays his best enigmatic smile as he stands amazed having watched a peckish Jeff consume an unexpecting Cat in a single gulp. Distressing as this picture undoubtedly is with Jeff’s hugely distended stomach bulging fit to burst you will no doubt be relieved to know that shortly after that picture was taken, Jeff belched loudly and, to everyone’s relief, out popped the lovely Cat looking none the worse for the experience. Happy days!

Pregnant Jeff

Back to the point of this report, another multiple catch was by Mr Thomason from Dorchester who fished meat in the Cattle Drink to tempt barbel of 5lb 10oz, 3lb 15oz and 9lb 6oz. Thomas from Bridgewater has a good mixed bag from Trammels which included bream to 5lb 8oz, roach to 1lb 3oz, dace to 12oz and a 6lb 8oz barbel, all fish falling to feeder fished maggot baits. Alongside him Mr Price landed eight quality bream from 4 - 6lb 8oz, again feeder fished maggot was the successful tactic. Mike Drinkwater fished opening day in the Compound and landed three barbel to 9lb 7oz, chub to 2lb and a brace of bream that were over 5lb apiece.

Mike Drinkwater with an opening day 9lb 7oz barbel

Mr Sheppard, also from Dorchester, fished Watersmeet and landed a brace of barbel weighing 8lb 8oz and 7lb 15oz along with a brace of chub weighing 5lb 40z and 4lb 1oz. Successful tactic was ledgering with a PVA bag of mixed pellet. The Pipes have also thrown up a number of better barbel but, considering the number of anglers who have targeted this area, it has not really performed as well as last year. There are numbers of barbel and chub showing on Fiddlers and several large barbel have been seen drifting around from Mugs Hole and down to the Point. Two large barbel were reported lost from this area in quick succession, in one case the hook pulled out and in the other the hook was straightened.

The biggest barbel reported weighed 13lb 3oz and was one of three barbel taken by Darrel Hughes and along with these he also landed chub to 5lb, five bream to 7lb, roach to 12oz and a 10oz dace! Not a bad days sport there. He also enjoyed another day on the Royalty where he used similar tactics to land barbel of 7lb and 7lb 9oz along with bream to 5lbs.

Darrel Hughes with the best barbel of the opening period on the Royalty at 13lb 3oz

Phil Crossley was delighted to land a new PB from below the Falls when he latched into this beautiful specimen weighing 12lb 8oz. Congratulations Phil, you look well chuffed with that fish!

Phil Crossley with his new PB barbel at 12lb 8oz.

Chris Allport dragged himself away from his beloved Throop to fish Telegraphs on the Royalty and he managed winkle out a barbel of 8lb 4oz on pellet from this underfished area of the Fishery. Another angler with a link to the fishing world down here who was successful was Brad Evan’s of Royalty View fame who fished the Gate Swim with pellet to tempt an 8lb barbel.

One angler who had a few great sessions on the Fishery last season and was looking forward to continuing this good run was John Bishop of Stourbridge. Well the rain put paid to that and John struggled for a single six pounder this trip. Typical Royalty behaviour in my experience! Regular readers will recognise the Garwood name as they come down each season around this time and generally land some good fish. Unfortunately circumstances got in the way and this season only Barry was able to make it down. Still he did manage to land eleven barbel to 8lb 4oz during his stay with up to five individual fish in a single session. Another angler with an excellent record with the Royalty barbel is Ahmed Salem who landed yet another double at 11lb 2oz on static pellet and then on a subsequent return trip landed a brace of 9lb 14oz and 12lb 5oz.

Ahmed Salem with a 9lb 14oz barbel Ahmed Salem with an 11lb 2oz taken at last knockings
Ahmed and a fish that was just shy of a double at 9lb15oz Finally the best of the bunch at 12lb 5oz

Other reports we have received include Ron Brook using rolling meat to tempt a 9lb 14oz barbel from Harrigans, Mike Spurden landing a brace of barbel from above the Gate, Mr Hawes landing a brace from the Compound weighing 9lb 8oz and 8lb 6oz. Ken Thompson landed a brace weighing 10lb 3oz and 5lbs exactly from below Edwards whilst Joe Stanley banked a barbel of 7lb 11oz from near Mugs Hole. Paul Devereux fished Harrigans and landed a hard scrapping 7lb 8oz barbel. Luke Guarguaglini sent in picture of barbel that both him and two of his friends Kevin Hewitson and Sam Pask landed on rolling meat between the Pipes & the Railway. Kevin's first ever Barbel was approx 4lb 8oz whilst Sam's fish, first on rolling meat method was around the same size. Luke apparently took the 8lb fish from Sam's swim whilst he was on the 'Chip run'!

luke Guarguaglini with an 8lb snaffled from Sam's swim! Kevin Hewitson with his first ever barbel weighing 4lb 8oz Sam Pask with his first barbel caught rolling meat at 4lb 8oz

Paul Yates had two barbel out in an evening weighing 9lb 6oz & 5lb from the Pipes swim on pellets. Interestingly he believes that the 9lb 6oz barbel was the same barbel he caught last Sunday from the same swim at 9lb 8oz.

Paul Yates with a 9lb 8oz barbel from the Pipes Possibly the same barbel from the same swim but this time weighing 9lb 6oz

Rob Thomas started fishing just above Harrigans using boilies & pellet, before adopting a roving approach and landing some bream up to 5lb near Trammels. Rob told us that he ended up moving back to his starting point as he'd seen some nice barbel there in the morning & thought as the light faded he stood a chance. On his second cast after yet another bream had a barbel which he weighed at 4lb 11oz but reported that it looked bigger more like a 6lb fish which fought like a demon.

Rob Thomas with one for the future, a hard scrapping fin perfect 4lb 8oz barbel

It was a great pleasure to meet Paul Wright who was after his first barbel for, I believe around 30 years, and we were all really pleased when he managed to bank barbel of 7lb 6oz and 7lb 1oz. Well done from all of us in the shop Paul.

Paul Wright with his first barbel for around 30 years!

Sean Miller, having landed his first double figure barbel of the season in the first week at 11lb 11oz turned back to his first love of predator fishing and managed to land this fantastically marked 3lb 9oz perch.

Sean Miller shows off his beautifully coloured 3lb 9oz perch.

There have also been plenty of other perch reported although without much in the way of details. Also apparently a brace of double figure carp to over 20lbs were reported on a social networking site but I have no details myself.

To conclude there have also been good bags of bream to over 100lbs from the mouth of the Little Weir and down by the Roadbridge and those anglers who enjoy fishing from them have had a field day. Likewise good sport has been had on the float for roach to 1lb 8oz and dace to 12oz. The only problem appears to be that once you work a swim up and start to catch in numbers, the pike move in and somewhat mess things up!

All in all a quite encouraging report for the start of the season with a reasonable number of fish coming out. Indeed I know of a couple of cracking catches yesterday that I will put into next weeks report!


It doesn't seem five minutes since I last sat down, scratched my head and tried to put words to the pictures we have been sent, the catches that have been reported and the tales we have been told in the shop and over a pint in the local pub. Apologies if this report is somewhat brief but as soon as I have this finished it I will be setting off for my annual weeks gudgeon fishing near Ross on Wye.

The barbel fishing over the last week or so has had some people singing from the roof tops whilst others haven't been able to buy a bite! The best barbel of the season was landed by Ron Brook who freelined a pellet in the House Pool and landed a cracking fish weighing 15lb 2oz. Unfortunately Ron had a problem with his camera and so had to resort to his phone to record a picture. I've seen this and Ron is trying to get a copy of it for the next report.

Another angler left with a smile on his face was Scott Mosley who, over a couple of days fishing with his mate Arran Morgan, managed to land chub to 4lb 2oz as well as barbel of 7lb and a magnificent specimen weighing 14lb 2oz a new pb for Scott by some margin! Arran also got amongst the barbel with fish of 4lb, 7lb and 9lb 12oz. Between them they also shared a haul of 15 bream, all over 7lb in weight.

Scott Mosley with his new PB of 14lb 2oz from the Parlour

Looking through the reports I see that the Throop bigwigs have been once again sneaking back onto the Royalty for a bit of action with Fishery Manager Chris Allport landing five bream to 8lb 4oz and two barbel, best 6lb 8oz from Telegraphs, whilst "Happy" Brian Willson managed to land a fantastic 12lb 12oz barbel from around Mugs Hole.

Brian Willson smiles with happiness at landing this classic looking 12lb 12oz Hampshire Avon barbel. Well done Brian, you deserved that.

Can't you just see the joy etched across the face of the georgious little fun bundle that is known as Brian Willson, RDAA Bailiff?

Royalty regular Ken Thomson has been having a fair bit of success concentarting on the upper sections of the Fishery and was finally rewarded with a superb 13lb barbel. Interestingly he reported seeing over a dozen barbel moving about in his swim as he was carefully baiting it up.

Ken Thompson with a well earned 13lb barbel One last lingering look before she is carefully returned to the crystal clear water

It was great to see an old face back down fishing the Royalty when Chris King came down for a session which culminated in him landing a 10lb 2oz barbel from near the Nursery.

A great shot of Chris King with his 10lb 2oz barbel

Other reports we have receieved include Mark Short who landed a 7lb barbel as well as a couple of chub including a fantastic specimen weighing 6lb 12oz. Keith Quinlan had a nice bag including a 7lb barbel, a 5lb chub and a 6lb 8oz bream.Keith also told us that he had landed a brace of barbel weighing 9lb and 10lb 3oz earlier in the season which I had missed off the report, sorry about that.

Keith Quinlan with a 10lb 3oz barbel Keith and a 9lb barbel

Ahmed Salem had three barbel out which, to be honest, wasn't a surprise as he works hard for his fish and certainly earns his fish. What was a surprise was that none of them were doubles as they weighed 3lb, 5lb and 9lb 11oz. Alan Rexstrew had a nice brace of barbel weighing 6lb 9oz and 6lb 7oz along with a 5lb 9oz chub from Trammels.

Pawel Blaszczyk was pleased to land barbel to 6lb 9oz as well as a cracking chub of 5lb 9oz.

Pawel Blaszczyk shows Brian Willson how to celebrate landing a barbel Pawel and his 5lb 9oz chub

Local angler Jed Place was twenty four hours away from doing an amazing "double double" when he landed an 11lb 8oz barbel from the Compound on July 3rd. Why a double double? well if any of you have ever looked at some of the old classic pictures displayed in Davis Tackle whilst waiting to be served you may have noticed this picture:-

Jed Place with a 11lb 8oz barbel landed on 4th July 1974

If you look carefully in the top left corner you will see that Jed landed his previous Royalty PB on July 4th. 1974. Well 36 years and 364 days later he has managed to equal this with another 11lb 8oz specimen. Why he couldn't wait another 24 hours to make a great story brilliant is beyond me!

Jed with a little less hair than when he last landed an 11lb 8oz Royalty barbel.

Earlier in the season Jed was fishing with his great friend Richard Allingham who landed his first ever barbel from the Compound at 4lb so I just had to include the picture. Well done Rich!

Richard Allingham and his first ever barbel weighing 4lb

To bring to a close the Jed chapter of this report I couldn't resist including three shots from the first week when Jed was fishing with his two brothers Chris and Andy. You may have wondered why I went on about the torrential rain at the start of the season, well perhaps these pictures of Jed's brothers attempting to fish might help explain why.

Andy-Place-Wet-Wet-Wet Chris-Place-Wetter-Wetter-Wetter Not a rain photo but a nice shot of Jed playing a 7lb barbel on one of his tradition glass fibre rods.

In the rush to get this report out I may have inadvertantly missed out a catch or two for which I apologise in advance. Any missed will be included in the next report when I get back from my fishing trip.


July on the Royalty saw the river at the lowest level I have seen since the heatwave back in 1976 with the river running low and clear. Hardly surprisingly this made the fishing somewhat tough although some superb barbel were landed despite the conditions. Finding a swim with barbel in it was the easy part as they were visible all over the fishery drifting over the gravel between the beds of ranunculus weed. Seeing them was one thing, getting them to take your bait was another. Whilst they were willing to sporadically feed over loose feed such as hemp and pellet, they frustratingly ignored the hookbait sitting enticingly amid the free offerings. Most anglers adopted the small bait approach to match the conditions and this sometimes paid off although I know of at least one angler that took a completely different approach using a huge paste wrapped hookbait to some success. As i've said before, the barbel just don't read the same books as we do! Despite the conditions some cracking barbel were still landed with the best weighing 14lb 5oz which was lande by Steve Ballard from the Parlour on luncheon meat. Another angler who did well in the Parlour was Dave Wilson from Sutton who landed a new PB of 13lb 10oz.

Paul Squires of Winchester fished the Cattle Drink and used pellet to take two barbel, the largest of which was a new PB at 13lb 5oz. Another angler reporting a new PB was Mel Evans, proprietor of the Royalty View Guest House in Christchurch, who caught a 12lb 8oz barbel from the Ralway on pellet. Nice one Mel! Pete Wilson is a regular face on the Royalty and towards the end of July he enjoyed a session in the Parlour landing barbel of 9lb 14oz and 11lb 8oz.

Two anglers who come down for a fishing break in July each year are Martin and Paul Kirkpatrick from Reading and, as usual they caught plenty of barbel with Martin landing the largest at 13lb 2oz, four ounces heavier than Paul's best of the week which went 12lb 10oz and also came from the Parlour. From the pictures they sent in they also seemed to catch from all around the middle of the fishery. Considering the tough conditions they did realy well.

Another angler who had some cracking fish was Nick Vaughan who landed barbel to 13lb 10oz, the biggest fish coming from Fiddlers.

Nick Vaughan with a superb looking 13lb 10oz beauty from Foxes NIck-Vaughan

Mark Nicholls had a lovely brace of barbel weighing 11lb 10oz and 12lb 9oz.

A 12lb 9oz barbel landed by Mark Nicholls Mark Nicholls with an 11lb 10oz barbel

Russell May also got amongst the doubles with a 10lb 4oz barbel taken at last knockings.

Russell May with a 10lb 4oz barbel taken at last knockings

Kevin Burgess from Trowbridge had a brace of barbel from the Pipes weighing 10lb 3oz and 7lb 2oz on boilie, the former being his first double and a new PB. Kevin summed up his feelings on his catch return in one word, "Briliant"! Mark Johnstone came from Yeovil and chose to fish Watersmeet where he landed barbel of 10lb 3oz, 6lb 4oz and 7lb 8oz all of which fell to pellet fished in conjunction with a pva bag. Davis Browning from Romsey fished pellet in the Ralway and had a great days sport landing a 12lb 12oz barbel and chub of 5lb 12oz and 6lb 2oz. David commented on his catch return that he had "Never seen so many salmon; brilliant days fishing. Where do you go to find this?"

Robert Stevens from Surrey fished the 'top of Johnsons' and had a nice mixedbag including barbel of 8lb 2oz, 9lb 4oz and 5lb 12oz along with bream to 7lb 2oz. Fishing alongside him was his son Colin who reporte chub of 4lb 2oz and 2lb 12oz along with a bream of 6lb 5oz using a method feeder along with meat and corn. Ruefuly Colin said that he'd had a great day's fishing with his Dad who once again caught all the fish! David Tailor from Weston Super Mare fished Foxes lo land a brace of barbel including a new PB of 11lb 6oz. His successful bait was pellet. Janis Mansbridge fished the Car Park and tempted a barbel of 10lb 4oz and a 5lb 4oz bream both of which fell to halibut pellet. Another angler who had some success in this area was Andrew Corbet of Edinburgh who, with the assistance of the bailiff, netted a 7lb barbel from the High Wall of the Car Park. The successful bait was static meat. Philip Watson fished a method feeder and boilie combination to tempt a 9lb 10oz barbel and a 5lb 12oz chub from Greenbanks.Another angler who had a nice chub and barbel 'combo' was Harvey Slade from Bournemouth who fished Fiddlers using pellet and managed to land barbel of 9lb and 6lb along with chub of 3lb & 4lb. Our old friends Lord Jez Brown and Danny were once again gracing the banks of the Royalty and despite the conditions both managed to catch with Jez taking the larger of the two with a scraper double of 10lb 10oz.

Danny with a hard earned 7lb 14oz barbel Lord Brown with a 10lb 1oz barbel

For the next report it seems somehow appropriate to just cut and paste the email I received form the anglers concerned. "The sun shone on the BBBB’s (Berks and Bucks Barbel Boys) outing to the Top Weir Compound at the Royalty on the Avon at Christchurch last Monday and Tuesday 11 and 12 July. All three members caught over the two days, and please….. no amount of bribes, money, women or dodgy offers of any other kind can get you in to this highly prized and totally exclusive club so please don’t even go there!!. Best fish and winner of the top prize of a twenty pound note went to David with a fine 10 pound 6 ounce Barbus barbus; his first double caught on a free lined weighted hook carrying a 20mm “Liver B8” boilie from Shaun Harrison at Quest, an immeasurable amount of gratitude and thanks go to Trefor West for his invaluable personal advice on this method. In fact after trying various baits it was the Liver B8 that caught all of the 5 Barbel which varied from 7lbs to over 10 and a single Bream of around 6 lbs.Dave has the “big en” Keith is in front of the weir and Mike is donning the hat! According to the bailiffs and Davis fishing tackle we were just about the only ones catching so again and big thank you to Trefor and Shaun."

"Large Dave" with a nice barbel from the Great Weir "large Keith" with a Grest Weir barbel "Large Mike" with a small barbel"

I'm not too sure what to make of one return received on 10th. July where I'm certain the name put down on on the Catch Return wasn't what the angler was christened! Anyhow he came from Yeovil and fished a feeder into the mouth of the Little Weir and landed an 8lb 8oz barbel, chub of 5lb 2oz & 3lb dead along with bream of 8lb 3oz, 4lb 12oz and 4lb 2oz. Another angler who never gets called by the name he was christened with is Jeff Edisbury of Bright*n but he didn't let this stop him landing a few barbel on his trip down with the best going 12lb 3oz. He also continues to manage to catch the Royalty babies with some degree of frequency but the less said about that the better.

Jeff-Edisbury-12-3 Jeff-Edisbury-baby

As can seen by many of the catches above, the bream seemed far more willing to feed despite the conditions and a number of anglers had good bags of these river slabs. Thomas Willard from Winchester had bream of 8lb 8oz, 7lb 6oz, 6lb 4oz, and 6lb exactly along with seven more bream to 4lbs. Thomas also mentioned losing a 25lb plus carp during his session down by the Road Bridge. Likewise the number of 5lb chub now resident on the Royalty is higher than it has been for many years and plenty have been taken by anglers fishing for barbel. One angler who targetted the chub specifically was Dorchester angler Paul Lewis who landed twelve chub with the best going 5lb 14oz and 5lb 10oz. Unfortunately I have no details on swim or bait as these weren't included on the catch return.

Nice perch continue to be taken from around the fishery with the Piles and the Little Weir throwing up several fish over three pounds. Small dace and bleak livebaits have proved to be the most effective method. Out of interest there have been numbers of 3lb plus perch taken from the Bridge Pool by anglers fishing for sea trout.

Overall then July was tough but still plenty of good fish were landed.



As things have finally quietened down in the shop I have had to face up to the need to get the Royalty reports up to date and it’s a daunting task to say the least! I’m actually looking at our photo’s folder and it contains enough pictures to stock the National Gallery. Knowing that each and every one of them will have to be re-sized, compressed, renamed and then uploaded onto our new server before I even consider adding the words is enough to drive me to drink.


The rest of July remained dry with temperatures slightly cooler than the seasonal norm and the river continued to run lower and lower resulting in the fishing being tougher than expected. Having said that, there were plenty of decent barbel still landed from around the fishery. The chub fishing continues to improve year on year and chub of 6lb plus are once again becoming a regular feature of anglers catches on the Royalty. Likewise the roach fishing continues to buck the trend of the Middle Avon with plenty of small roach landed along with the odd specimens that break the magic 2lb barrier. Unfortunately throughout July anyone getting the roach feeding well was invariably visited by the unwelcome attention of the resident pike who seem to put the poor roach at the top of the menu given half a chance.


Unlike much of the river above Christchurch where weed growth made fishing somewhat challenging, most of the Royalty remained fishable despite no weed cuts being carried out after the start of the season due to the lack of water. When I say ‘most’ there were areas where the weed was thick enough to make landing barbel somewhat challenging to say the least and it wasn’t that unusual to see anglers wading out to land their catch. A couple of great shots were sent to me by an angler who ‘wished to remain anonymous ‘ of local anglers Ken Thompson & George Cornwell at Fiddlers.


George Cornwall and Ken Thompson attempt to extract an unwilling barbel from Fiddlers Just how deep is Fiddlers?


George did have some success during the month and kindly sent in the following pictures of three fish he landed to 8lb 6oz in a session fishing the cattle drink. He was targeting the group of good doubles that were showing and suffered the frustration of striking too early when one of the big girls did pick up his bait.


George Cornwell with a 7lb 8oz barbel George with another barbel weighing between 7 - 8lbs
George with the best of the three barbel caught in a single session weighing 8lb 6oz


Another Royalty regular, Paul Martin, also got amongst the barbel with a lovely looking fish of 11lb 14oz.


PJ with an 11lb 12oz barbel from Mugs Hole


Love them or loathe them, one cannot ignore the fact that the Royalty holds some seriously large bream with fish up to 13lbs being reported over the last couple of seasons. This year however, whilst the average size of individual fish remained high, the shoals were markedly smaller in size than they have been for several years. Best guesses are that they had stayed lower down the river in the tidal section, probably moving between the Avon and the Lower Stour where some big caches have been amassed. Two anglers who kindly sent in pictures of their bream were Jez Brown and his colleague Marc Brion who shared a mixed bag of silvers, perch and bream estimated to weigh 50lbs plus.


Lord Jez Brown with a 6lb bream Marc Brion with a Parlour caught Bream


It was great to welcome back Chris Povey to Davis Tackle this month, Chris was our rep for Pure Fishing until a reorganisation meant that he no longer covered our corner of Dorset. This time he was down to have a fish on the Royalty and he managed to tempt a lovely 12lb specimen fishing below the Pipes on the East Bank.


Chris Povey with a 12lb barbel from below the Cattle Dink


The barbel fishing in the Parlour this month was rather tough as the lack of water discouraged them from moving up from the main river. Having said that it still managed to produce several doubles, including this beauty weighing 14lb 4oz caught by Steve Ballard.


Steve Ballard with a cracking 14lb 4oz barbel from the Parlour


Anyone who has fished Throop over the last few years or reads the Throop reports on our website will have heard of Brian Willson the RDAA bailiff who kindly writes those reports and is on the banks of the Stour most days. Well his son Rick is no slouch when it comes to catching barbel and he took this lovely looking specimen which was just shy of being a double weighing in at 9lb 10oz from below the White Stile.


Rick Willson with a lovely looking up and coming double which went 9lb 10oz


Mark Nicholls came down for a short fishing break and, whilst the fishing was somewhat tough he still managed to land a brace of doubles. The one he is holding weighed 11lb 10oz - the one on the mat went 12lb 9oz. Both were caught on pellet from the lawn above mug's hole between 9.15-9.25pm.


Mark Nicholls with an 11lb 10oz barbel from above Mugs Hole A 12lb 9oz barbel landed by Mark Nicholls


Simon Lee enjoyed a session fishing Barlins for the first time in 28 years but unfortunately he only caught small dace and roach from the stretch. He managed a six pound barbel from Greenbanks the next day and kindly attached a picture of a barbel which, if I have read the file name correctly, weighed 10lb 7oz. Simon also had the pleasure of seeing what is an increasingly rare event in the UK, lamprey spawning on the gravel runs. These endangered oddities are strictly protected and we are so lucky to still have a reasonable population that spawn on the Royalty each season. A sight not to be missed as they move large stones around to create their redds.


Simon Lee's 10b 7oz barbel


Bob Taylor booked himself a day in the notorious Parlour pool but struggled for most of the day, however just when thinking it wasn’t going to happen for him his rod pulled over and shortly after he was rewarded with a lovely barbel of 11lb.

Bob Talyor with a smshing 11lb-plus barbel from the Parlour

Jedd Hughes had a terrific days sport with Barbel of 9lb 8oz, 10lb 4oz and a stunning specimen just an ounce over 13lb.. What a day...

Jedd-HUghes-9lb-8oz Jedd-Hughes-10-4

Jedd Hughes with a 13lb 1oz PB

Truro based Richard Tonkin made the lengthy journey to the royalty from Cornwall and chose to fish the lower style area, he started off with a nice bream but the real reward came in the shape of his first ever barbel and what a fish as well weighing in at 13lb8oz.

Paul Birkhamshaw from Kent had a great day out with 3 Barbel to 12lb 10oz; all were caught from the cattle drink using pva bags of pellet with a pellet hook bait.

The pipes area of the fishery was as popular as ever and two anglers that capitalised on the shoal of barbel that were resident there for most of the summer were Swansea based rod Chris Adams who had two barbel to 10lb 60z and Mr. Lush who had a brace of doubles weighing in at 10lb 11oz and 12lb 15oz, the later being a personal best. Pellet and meat were the successful baits for these two anglers

Mr Bootell from Wincanton fished hard all day with sweetcorn over hemp in Fiddlers for just one bite but what a reward he had with a stunning barbel of 12lb 12oz.

Hertfordshire based angler Mr Habbitt had a great days sport on the lower trammels catching 9 bream between 3lb 8oz and 7lb 12oz and 3 barbel to 9lb 6oz he used a more traditional maggot feeder approach with worm or maggot hook bait .

Phillip Cudley had a new PB barbel with a lovely 13lb 10oz specimen.

Philip Cudley with his new pb barbel weiging 13lb 10oz

The most unusual catch of August was also caught on the trammels with first time Royalty angler Will Fung from Essex catching a bream of 4lb 8oz and a 3lb Tench, Will used a cage feeder and hair rigged pellet approach for his fish.

There was also some terrific sport to be had with the Royalty’s Perch through August as Glouster based Mr Simmers was to discover. He used small live baits and roamed the fishery to bag 6 Perch up to 2lb 8oz what a lovely days fishing .

Ken Thompson with a lovely young barbel


Ah September the month that has every Barbel angler the country wide bursting with anticipation, for here cometh the month when seemingly all specimen Barbel are just desperate for a visit to the bank, gracing nets a plenty and creating joy for many...

So did September live up to expectations? Of course it did.

Firstly though the perch fishing continued in earnest with the few anglers who targeted them being rewarded with some great sport.

Mr Tolly from Woking in surrey booked himself a day in the top weir compound and had a lovely day catching 4 perch around the pound and a half mark and a bonus barbel of 6lb.

Royalty regular Josh Searl fished the piles with small live bait and had Perch of 1lb15oz, 2lb 8oz and 2lb 12oz.

The biggest reported Perch in September went to Martin Bell from Liphook; Martin fished with maggots in the House pool and bagged a stunning Perch of 2lb 14oz.

Local angler Ken Thompson had a fair few barbel through September with the biggest he reported being a lovely 10lb 10oz which he caught from the stumps.

Ken Thompson with a cracking barbel from the Pipes

Lord Jez Brown made one of his regular trips to the Royalty and bagged a 10lb 4oz beauty while Gareth Boycott and Rob Thomas both had barbel in the 7 to 8lb region.

Jez Brown with a last knockings caught 10lb 4oz barbel

There was a load of 10lb barbel caught through the month, Julian Chidgey had a 10lb 2oz, Andy Shanks had a 10lb 15oz fish while old fishing buddies of Davis Tackle owner Nigel, James Weighall and Steve Moore, landed four doubles between them in a catch that included barbel of 10lb, 10lb 2oz, 10lb 6oz and 11lb 12oz in a day.

Steve Moore with a 10lb 6oz barbel Steve with the best fish of the day at 11lb12oz
James Weighall and a barbel weighing exactly 10lbs James Weighall with his second double of the day at 10lb 2oz

Andy Shanks and his 10lb 15oz barbel

Mick Mathews persevered with the lower water towards the bypass bridge and was rewarded with a superb Barbel of 13lb 8oz though an even bigger specimen of 14lb exactly was caught by Darren Cartwight on his favoured pellet approach.Mick Matthews with a lovely 13lb 8oz barbel

Darren Cartwright with a lovely 14lb barbel

There was a pristine 11lber caught by Nick Moxey, and Royalty regular Ron Brooke nailed a superb fish of 11lb 10oz and 2 chub in a few hours rolling meat by the road bridge.

A great shot of Nick Moxey with an 11lb barbel

Regular angler Richard Booty who rivals Davis Tackle's own Nigel Gray for the tallest Royalty angler in history had to endure a hard days graft for his mother in law before being allowed to go out fishing, but he was rewarded handsomely with a picture perfect 11lber which he caught on rolled meat the bottom end of Trammels.

Essex based angler Mr Hutchinson made the long round trip to the Royalty and managed a nice Barbel of 9lb 10oz from waters meet, after returning the hard fighting specimen He vowed to return and catch an even bigger one... That’s the sort of dedication to the cause that we like.

Ian and Janis Mansbridge from Southampton shared a bumper bag of Barbel when they fished the compound using pva bags of pellet. Between them they landed 6 Barbel with both of them having an 11lber, although Janis actually caught 5 of them and her husband has vowed never to let her fish with him again on the royalty for fear of another day of being shown up by the fairer sex...

Dave Basher


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