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Sea Fishing News

Christchurch and the surrounding area are blessed with some excellent sea fishing. In particular summer sport with mullet, bass and sea bream can be excellent, whilst this season even cod were caught in more numbers than have been seen for some years. In season, rays, wrasse, mackerel, congers and even trigger fish are taken by anglers targeting the local inshore waters.

Excellent sport can be had from Mudeford where the bass can be targeted as they work the gulleys between the sandbars. Avon Beach can be a productive night venue and the Long Groyne at Hengistbury Head is justifyiably popular with local and visiting anglers alike.

Staff in the shop will be happy to advise which marks are fishing well as well as which baits are proving most productive.


Jon Perkins of Davis Tackle with a 22lb Blonde Ray

Jon Walton with the biggest blonde he has ever managed to get his hands on.

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