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Davis Tackle - Throop Fishery

Throop Fishery

Over 5 miles of river plus side streams offering some of the best river fishing in the South. Huge Barbel and Chub are consistently reported in the weekly angling press from Throop. The stretch is split into three sections.

Beat One: Both banks, joining Bounds Farm at the top of the stretch and finishing at New Weir. This stretch is generally quite deep and not heavily fished. Contains most species including very big Barbel, Chub, Roach, Bream and Perch.

Beat Two: Probably the most famous Beat and most heavily fished. Both banks from New Weir down to the Spur Road bridge. Generally much shallower than Beat One with lots of opportunities to spot fish in the Summer months. Huge Barbel (RDAA club and Stour record at 16lb 2oz, 2001), Chub (RDAA club record at 8lb) are caught from this stretch. It also produces Carp to 30lb and Bream to over 10lb.

Beat Three: Both banks from the Spur Road bridge down to and including part of the tidal stretch of the Stour. Again, offers opportunities to spot fish in clear conditions with the possibility of producing enormous specimens of Barbel, Chub, Roach, Bream and Pike. There are also some very big Carp.

All beats offer a variety of sport from catching dace and roach on light float tackle to all out specialist fishing for monster Barbel and Chub.

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