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Harbour Rules




1. No one but the ticket holder may fish.

2. Tickets are not transferable.

3. An appropriate Environment Agency rod licence is required for the type of fishing

4. All caught fish must be returned including Bass and Mullet.

5. Tickets must be carried at all times in order to gain access to the fisheries.

6. No coarse fishing between 15th March and 15th June.

7. Coarse fishing techniques cannot be used from the southern end of Claypool upstream to Tuckton Bridge during the coarse fishing closed season.

8. Sea Trout fishing in season only, 15th April to 31st October.

9. No trolling at any time.

10. Salmon fishing in season only, 1st February to 31st August.

11. No spinning during the period 1st February to 14th May.

12. All game fish caught must be reported to Davis Tackle.

13. All dogs must be kept on lead in the harbour area.

14. No bait digging.

 These regulations apply to bankside and boat fishing from Tuckton Bridge to the limits of Sembcorp Bournemouth Water boundary in the harbour (marked by yellow buoys).


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