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Sea Fishing Predictions - March 2013

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SHORE: Dogfish, pout and a few whiting at Seatown with a chance of a large rockling to worm. A few dab will show during the day at Cogden and West Bexington while dogfish, whiting and some large pout are caught after dark. Chance of codling to lugworm. An odd big pollack always appears this month. Chesil is unlikely to offer more than a smattering of small fish and a slight chance of a late codling, dogfish can be a nuisance. East of Weymouth try Durdle Door for a hefty pout and perhaps a pollack. Worbarrow for dogfish, pout and the occasional big pollack in deep water at night with squid the top bait. There's still a chance of a big flounder to ragworm from the lower reaches of Poole harbour, Studland and Bournemouth as mature fish depart for spawning. This will leave lots of little fish which are caught on calm night tides. Mudeford Spit and Avon Beach will be home to lots of rockling. Hengistbury Head for the occasional plaice by the end of the month, with the mark between Bournemouth and Boscombe Piers under the cliff for small flounder and the first showing of small-eyed ray.

BOAT: Inshore boats from Lyme Regis will find some qualify whiting although not in such numbers as previous months. Some large mackerel show. Dogfish, pout and a few wrasse turn up nearer rough ground. A few boats from West Bay fish the distant wrecks for cod, pollack, ling and coalfish. The Shambles plaice fishing will not get going until the end of the month but this mark produces a big percentage of the best fish. However, pressure on this area has seen a downturn in sport and will continue unless anglers make real efforts to lip hook fish to allow safe release. Big blonde ray likely from the Kidney and East Side marks out of Weymouth. Whiting on the M2 and Abbotsbury buoy area. Mixed bags on the many reefs. The big attraction from all ports depends on calm weather .to allow boats to reach the offshore wrecks where pollack and coalfish shoal up for spawning. Superb sport is possible on 20lb gear and a long trace culminating in an artificial eel or jelly worm. A few spurdoqs will show on deep water marks.



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