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Sea Fshing Predictions - August 2013

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SHORE: The Cobb just west of Lyme Regis, Charmouth to the east and Seatown for pouting, wrasse and bass with some conger at Charmouth and mullet from the Cannon Wall at Lyme. West Bay for garfish, mackerel, scad and pollack. West beach at West Bay for possible bass. West Bexington and Abbotsbury for some smoothhound plus dogfish and gurnard and lots of mackerel over high water on calm days. Good mullet sport from Weymouth harbour. They feed on sea weed maggots along the Purbeck marks, while thin lipped mullet are found in the estuaries. Portland rock marks good for mackerel, pollack, wrasse and conger. Worbarrow Bay offers wrasse by day and conger, pout, bass, dogfish and ray at night. Spider crab can be a menace. The Tout is the obvious holding area but the main beach is good. Light tackle enthusiasts can fish a sliding float from Dancing Ledge for wrasse, pollack and mullet, though a long walk is necessary. Similarly Winspit Point is virtually inaccessible but yields big wrasse, pollack and bass on crab or ragworm. Hengistbury Head groyne offers good sport with float gear for mackerel, garfish, scad, pollack and bass. Bottom fishing finds some wrasse. Nearby Double Dykes is good for flatfish and bass with night tides the best.

BOAT: Weymouth boats will take good conger and bull huss from the rocky depths of Shambles Rough along with quality black bream. Portland Race still holds some big bass. Large wrasse from Portland Bill marks. There will be mackerel, bass and turbot, possibly brill and blonde ray on the Shambles Bank. Good ray sport towards Lulworth Cove and blonde ray from the Kidney Bank. Live sandeel take various ray off Swanage where you will also get smoothhound. Poole boats have the option of big bass in the harbour mouth and off Peverill Point to live sandeel. There will be plenty of mackerel to attract conger and bull huss from rough ground. Shallow rock marks for wrasse to crab bait. Smoothhound present on the eastern edge of Poole Bay. Porbeagle sharks will show in the deeper water off the Purbecks.




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