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Sea Fishing Predictions - September 2013

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SHORE: Fine weather should produce some sole, a few plaice and dab at Burton Bradstock and Cogden. Small pout can be a pain at night. Dogfish and a few small-eyed ray will also be landed. Large mullet and a few bass from the Fleet. Mixed bags of trigger fish, gurnard, mackerel, smoothhound and dogfish from other Chesil marks. Lots of mini species, small pollack and pouting from the Stone Pier at Weymouth with mullet and eel in the harbour. Portland rock marks give plenty of wrasse, pollack and a few bass. Church Ope Cove yields wrasse by day and conger at night. The rock marks at Cheyne are worth trying for wrasse and pollack on a flood tide, try to the right of the pipe. Purbeck rock marks for conger, pollack, wrasse and bass. Plenty of mullet showing at Kimmeridge and Chapman's Pool. Worbarrow for pollack and bass at first light. Poole harbour will give plenty of mullet and bass while there are plenty of sole to be caught at Southbourne. Hengistbury Head groyne for pollack, wrasse, mackerel and garfish. Dawn tides in Christchurch harbour for mullet.

BOAT: It's a good time of the year for fishing the rough ground out of Lyme Regis and West Bay for conger, pout, wrasse and pollack. Plenty of mackerel and scad to feathers. Dogfish, plaice and gurnard on clean ground with a chance of smoothhound if you fish with crab. Plenty of tope on marks east of Weymouth. Good black bream, conger and bull huss on the many reefs. Various ray from Lulworth and Adamant Bank areas. Brill, bass and turbot on the Shambles Bank. Now is the time to try for porbeagle shark on marks west of Portland. Big conger from the many wrecks. Poole boats will get bass on live sandeel with mixed bags including black bream, wrasse, pollack and pouting from rough ground along with pouting, pollack, conger and dogfish from Christchurch Ledge. Nice tope, ray, conger and bull huss off the Purbecks. Mackerel in full swing. Deeper marks off Swanage will give some decent ray sport with every species taken, including the undulate. Channel wrecks for conger and black bream.




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